USG ME CELEBRETTO SPECIALTY CEILING: How Does The Perforation Pattern Enhance The Overall Acoustic Performance

USG ME CELEBRETTO SPECIALTY CEILING: How Does The Perforation Pattern Enhance The Overall Acoustic Performance

USG ME CELEBRETTO SPECIALTY CEILING: How Does The Perforation Pattern Enhance The Overall Acoustic Performance

Do you know that sound does not only travel in a straight path? It bends over barriers, jumps off compartments, and wrings its way through tiny openings. How does the perforation pattern affect acoustic performance?

You would be surprised at how far sounds can travel beyond their original starting point. USG ME engineers endeavor to consider the movement of sound in any building and resolve how to control the noise from seeping in and out.

One of the most complex parts of architecture and construction is acoustical design. Based on a building's purpose, acoustical requirements include; sound control within a space and other spaces, listening efficiency in auditoriums & conference rooms,  and executive meeting rooms.

Since these options require more effort and time, it is important to use the right perforation patterns to gain from their benefits. Benefits like; reduced vacancies in your building, happy tenants, high property value, and great productivity.

Luxury shops, waiting areas, hi-rise & malls, Airports, and residential areas now make use of perforation patterns to enhance the overall acoustic performance of their building.


USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceilings

Having a perforated pattern ceiling in your home provides enough shade, controls noise from travelling through spaces and provides an outstanding visual feature.

Architects and building designers can take advantage of using top-notch materials and designs from USG ME to provide innumerable architectural goals.

Our perforated patterns can be used to cover up pipes, utility cables, air conditioning equipment, and others. It also allows all areas to gain light without any energy loss.


Types of Perforation Patterns

Rounded Tiles: This universal pattern can be used in heating and air-conditioned areas. It is relatively simple to install and also cost-effective. They can also be used as decorative improvements in any existing building.

Slot Holes: They are cost-effective elongated perforated metaland come with square or rounded ends. It is applicable in industries, kitchens, and fire-rated buildings. These slot holes are almost similar to square perforated patterns.

Square Holes: This pattern is more expensive to install and produce because the edges add a strain to the corners of any ceiling. It has impressive benefits like a transparent view through its panels.

Decorative/Ornamental: These patterns vary from easy designs like diamond, hexagon, or clover leaf shapes to more complex designs.


How Does Perforation Pattern Enhance The Overall Performance


Sound Absorption

Perforated patterns are an excellent choice for distributing sound. They can be installed along any ceiling to stop echoes. This material is recommended for use in office spaces, hi-rise & malls, and places with a high level of sound.



Most people like to work in an isolated environment. Using a material that covers you but still gives light is a must-have.

Our perforated pattern ceilings allow the right quantity of light to flow while keeping you out of sight.


Protection Against Fire-Hazard

A small fire, if not controlled, can grow beyond your imagination. Our perforated pattern ceiling buys enough time for all occupants to exceed the building in case of sudden fire outbursts.


USG ME Specialty Ceilings with Perforation Pattern will Enhances Acoustical Performance


Check out the new USG ME Ceiling Catalogue 2022 on the web site or contact your USG ME Technical team for advice.


On A Final Note;

Perforated patterns control reverberation on walls and ceilings. It is advisable to always figure out the type of perforation pattern you want for your building project.

Knowing the right perforated pattern for your ceiling can enhance the acoustical performance in your building. In USG ME we always put our customers first. Visit our website or call any of our hotlines, we are waiting for your calls at the other end.