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USG Middle East offers a number of innovative specialty ceiling systems to enhance unique architectural settings. "Whether you want a classic, sculpted feel, the excitement and drama of a 3-dimensional design, or just plain elegance,” USG Middle East can offer you ceiling solutions to meet the demanding and artistic requirements of contemporary building interiors.

Immerse yourself in our designs unparalleled beauty, and let our specialty ceilings inspires you!
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USG Topo™ 3-Dimensional Ceiling Suspension System

USG Topo™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System, pre-formed translucent or opaque panels that install easily into the narrow-profile DONN® Topo suspension ...

Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System

USG Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System, curved main tee segments, suspension profiles, optional edge trim, and flexible infill panels provide ...

HALCYON™ Canopies

Halcyon ™ Canopy is a Fiberglass substrate with exceptional Sound Absorption and High Light Reflectance that has washable & scrubbable finish, sag ...

Metal Hook-On

USG Metal Hook-On is a Concealed Suspension System in which all panels are demountable without the need for special tools, allowing easy access to ...

Open Cell Specialty Ceilings

USG Open Cell Specialty Ceilings offer High-quality, metal lay-in ceiling panels provide a clean, high-tech look that easily accommodates lightweight ...

Sonata Baffle

USG Sonata Baffle ceiling system is an unique design element to any space and a striking addition or just serves as an accent, customisable style and ...

USG Billo™ 3-Dimensional Panels

USG Billo™ 3-Dimensional Panels are light-weight, elegantly curved 3-Dimensional panels provide a dramatic visual element to flat ceiling planes, ...

USG Boral Louna™ Baffle

USG Louna Baffle ceiling system is an unique design element to any space and a striking addition or just serves as an accent, vertical hanging ...

USG Compässo™ Trim

USG Compässo™ Suspension Trim offers a level of design and integrity. Its aluminum finish gives practicality in installation and allows to maintain a ...

USG Geometrix® 3-Dimensional Metal Panels

USG Geometrix® 3-Dimensional Metal Panels used together to create 3D patterns to provide the ability to create a variety of designs and varying ...

USG Translucents™ Canopies Panels

USG Translucents™ Canopies Panels create countless, sophisticated design arrangements, install quickly and easily, available in 20 different decors, ...

USG Translucents™ Luminous Infill Panels

USG Translucents™ Luminous Infill Panels create a high-tech look that will leave a lasting impression with these elegant yet functional translucent ...

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