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Convert your ceiling into a classy, lovely, and classic display that will stand out and give a ton of value to your living areas. A classic architectural feature known as the "Intersecto Ceiling" adds dimension and functionality to your design.  


Our Intersecto Metal Ceilings are available with various variations, are light weight, and are simple to install. They are meticulously modeled after actual historical patterns and designs to ensure an authentic effect. What was formerly thought of as a costly luxury is now a feasible goal for a room that expresses your sophisticated design taste. 


Through USG Middle East Ceiling Solutions' Intersecto Easy Access Ceilings. This integration is made possible by the prefabrication of yokes and assemblies. Today, it's far too simple to give your place a truly distinctive lighting aesthetic. Utilize USG Middle East Ceiling Solutions products to complete your project more quickly, more easily, and better, saving you time, money, and resources. 


The Celebretto Intersecto easy access ceilings have a contemporary modular design with customisable options. All of the panels may be removed for simple plenum access. 


Replaces uneven finishes and edge details with clean crisp factory finished panels and grid for a quick and simple installation.  

SAR 1.00
In stock
  • Enhanced CAC

  • High LR

  • High NRC

  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A



Intersecto Ceiling features

  • Modern modular design, configurable options.  
  • Linear track channel can be aligned with partitions. 
  • Linear track width is adjustable from narrow to wide.  
  • All panels are demountable without the need for special tools, allowing easy access to plenum.  
  • Easy service integration. 
  • Lighting and architecture are flawlessly integrated into the ceiling to deliver your vision of symmetry. 
  • Eliminates concern over field-modified panels and grids; is compatible with the lighting systems. 
  • Complies with seismic code 


Intersecto Ceiling applications 

  • Public areas  
  • Reception 
  • Lobbies 
  • Office spaces 
  • Libraries  
  • Lecture halls 
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