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Strip Ceiling

A ceiling partition decorating material that promotes airflow, exhaust, and heat dissipation is metal. Through a mold, the strip ceiling system is extruded. It is considerably better to other ceiling materials in terms of toughness and straightness. Metal's properties also make it difficult to distort and fade. Simple is the installation structure. The segmented hammer and top key keel are connected by screws and unique components. Strong winds won't be able to shake the overall structure because of its exceptional stability. 


Strip ceilings are quite robust and don't need to be repaired or replaced frequently. They are durable and are easily cleaned with a towel and some soapy water. Additionally, they are fireproof, so you can be confident that no matter what occurs, your ceiling won't collapse. 


Due to their great degree of adaptability, strip ceilings can be installed precisely in accordance with the needs of the project. They don't require high installation expenses because they are simple to install as well. 


The strip ceiling has a lovely appearance, rich hues, and clear, smooth lines that perfectly complement a variety of design styles and produce a unique visual experience; 


Last but not least, these strip ceilings complement any type of ceiling and are adaptably suspended, installed, and unplugged, allowing you to cover almost any surface with them. There are several options available for you to explore. 

SAR 1.00
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  • Enhanced CAC

  • High LR

  • High NRC

  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A


Strip Ceiling features

  • New strip panels offer beautiful aesthetics and acoustics. 
  • Enhanced NRC performance with added acoustical backer. 
  • Standard and customizable perforations are available to create numerous visual patterns and to help with acoustical performance. 
  • A variety of mounting arrangements are available to accommodate any installation requirements and conditions. 
  • Open views, ventilation, breathability, and sound insulation are all benefits of a strip ceiling. Its clean, straight lines and distinct layers depict a straightforward and contemporary design. 
  •  It has emerged as the primary product in the decorative market because to its easy installation and disassembly. 



Strip Ceiling applications

  • Corridors  
  • Commercial offices 
  • Public areas  
  • Reception  
  • Restuarants  
  • Airport  
  • Restrooms 
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