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Louna™ Baffle

The USG ME Louna Baffle ceiling system is made of Stone wool soft fiber and introduces unique design element to any space and is a striking addition whether it is installed throughout an entire room or just serves as an accent. Louna Baffle is a vertical hanging acoustic board of soft fiber surfaces and encapsulated edges. The USG ME Louna Baffle ceiling panels can be easily installed and uninstalled for accessibility. Louna™ Baffle Acoustical Ceiling meets the requirements in accordance with ASTM E1264. 


Louna Baffle Ceilings are a simple-to-install acoustical solution that comes in a variety of designs and forms while also providing an exquisite look and absorbing unwanted sounds. 


Acoustic ceiling panels made of USG ME called Louna Baffle ensure absorption management while providing monotonous environments with rhythmically constant aesthetic variations. 


USG ME Louna Baffle Ceilings are a practical and efficient option for both localized and whole ceiling applications due to their straightforward assembly flow and installation procedures. 

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  • Anti-Mold & Mildew

  • Excellent NRC

  • High LR

  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A



Louna™ Baffles ceiling features 

  • An elegant acoustic solution made from stone wool for any space 
  • Creates spacing in ceiling designs. 
  • Louna Baffle is a vertical hanging acoustic board of soft fiber surfaces and encapsulated edges. 
  • Soft Fiber substrate with monolithic visual reduces installation time. 
  • Improved acoustic properties at exposed workplaces with NRC values of up to 0.90. 
  • Can accommodate existing elements such as lighting and air conditioning. 
  • Allows chilled beams or thermal mass heating to function as intended.  
  • Available in custom sizes and colors upon request. 


Louna™ Baffles ceiling applications  

  • Hotels  
  • Leisure centers 
  • Restaurants and cafes 
  • Open-plan areas 
  • Transportation (airports, bus terminals and train stations)  
  • Convention halls and concourses 
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