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Clip-In Metal Ceiling

Clip-in Metal Ceiling by USG ME is a high-quality ceiling systems that increase the ceiling design aesthetic and functional value of your interiors and exteriors within a modest ceiling budget. Our superior quality Clip-in metal ceiling products are available as perforated or plain panels and many paint options to meet the different requirements of architect specification design. The Clip-in system ceiling design is intended to be installed on the USG Spring Tee ceiling suspensions. 


USG Middle East supplies Metal Ceiling tiles with a range of acoustical performance to meet the needs of all kinds of projects. A variety of sound-absorbing backing options are available with performance up to 1.0 NRC, additional backer options are available for NRC and CAC to enhance the acoustic ceiling performance. 


This specific tile, sometimes referred to as the T-Clip F tile, is finished in the industry-standard RAL 9010 and is placed by simply clipping onto a spring-T grid system. An original "lozenge-shaped pip" that is pressed into the side of the tiles during the production stage automatically levels these tiles in the grid. 


This system's advantage is that cleaning pressure may be applied upward without requiring the tile to be moved. This encourages the usage of this system in healthcare facilities, hospitals and food production sectors where cleanliness is crucial. 


Where access must be limited and tiles must be fixed in place, clip-in tiles are also perfect. A removal tool can be used to remove clip-in tiles called Clip-in extraction tool which is available under USG ME standard accessories tools. 

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  • Surface Burning Characteristics Class A



Clip-In metal ceiling features

  • Concealed ceiling design 
  • Wide range of standard perforated options 
  • Wide range of optional wooden patterns 
  • Durable and washable polyester powder finish 
  • Robust and easy to clean 
  • High sound absorption and sound attenuation with great acoustic ceiling performance 
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable, check here our sustainability tool 
  • Plain, monolithic surface, with no gap  
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel 
  • Demountable downward using a demounting tool 
  • Installable in void with low ceiling 
  • Easy to clean the surface 
  • Tiles available with square edge option 


Clip-In metal ceiling applications

  • Interior and exterior applications  
  • Transportation & airports  
  • Educational  
  • Healthcare 
  • Commercial buildings  
  • Hi-Rise & offices  
  • Financial & banking  
  • Malls & residential  
  • Kitchen & dietary  
  • Laundry 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
AC-6006006R16 600x600mm 40 NA
AC-6006007R16 600x600mm 40 NA
AC-3003006R16 300x300mm 40 NA
AC-3003007R16 300x300mm 40 NA
AC-60012006R16 600x1200mm 40 NA
AC-60012007R16 600x1200mm 40 NA
AC-30012007R16 300x1200mm 40 NA
AC-30015007R16 300x15mm00mm 40 NA
AC-1200120014R16 1200x1200mm 40 NA
SC-6006006R16 600x600mm 40 NA
ACPA1-6006006R16 600x600mm NA 1
ACPA1-6006007R16 600x600mm NA 1
ACPA1-3003006R16 300x300mm NA 1
ACPA1-3003007R16 300x300mm NA 1
ACPA1-60012006R16 600x1200mm NA 1
ACPA1-60012007R16 600x1200mm NA 1
ACPA1-30012007R16 300x1200mm NA 1
ACPA1-30015007R16 300x15mm00mm NA 1
ACPA1-1200120014R16 1200x1200mm NA 1
SCPA1-6006006R16 600x600mm NA 1

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