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P.O.BOX: Turkey Turkey - Simirna Endüstriyel Kimya San. ve Dış Tic. A.Ş. A.O.S.B, 10040. Sk. No:9, 35620 Atatürk Osb/Çiğli/İzmir

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Lay-In Metal Ceiling

USG Lay-in Metal Ceiling is a high quality aluminum alloy and metal ceiling system that increase the aesthetic and functional value of any building interiors within a modest ceiling budget. Our superior quality Lay-in metal ceiling products are available in different perforation patterns and paint options to meet the different requirements of architect specification design. The Lay-in system is designed to be installed on the DONN® Brand ceiling suspensions.
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  • Surface Burning Characteristics Class A


  • Durable and washable polyester powder finish
  • Wide range of standard perforation patterns
  • Wide range of optional wooden patterns
  • Easy access for service maintenance
  • Robust and easy to clean
  • High sound absorption and sound attenuation
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
ALN-6006006R16 600x600mm 40 NA
ALN-6006007R16 600x600mm 40 NA
ALN-3003006R16 300x300mm 40 NA
ALN-3003007R16 300x300mm 40 NA
ALN-60012006R16 600x1200mm 40 NA
ALN-60012007R16 600x1200mm 40 NA
ALW-6006006R16 600x600mm 40 NA
ALW-6006007R16 600x600mm 40 NA
ALW-3003006R16 300x300mm 40 NA
ALW-3003007R16 300x300mm 40 NA
ALW-60012006R16 600x1200mm 40 NA
ALW-60012007R16 600x1200mm 40 NA
SLN-6006006R16mm 600x600mm 40 NA
SLW-6006006R16mm 600x600mm 40 NA
ALPA1N-6006006R16 600x600mm NA 1
ALPA1N-6006007R16 600x600mm NA 1
ALPA1N-3003006R16 300x300mm NA 1
ALPA1N-3003007R16 300x300mm NA 1
ALPA1N-60012006R16 600x1200mm NA 1
ALPA1N-60012007R16 600x1200mm NA 1
ALPA1W-6006006R16 600x600mm NA 1
ALPA1W-6006007R16 600x600mm NA 1
ALPA1W-3003006R16mm 300x300mm NA 1
ALPA1W-3003007R16mm 300x300mm NA 1
ALPA1W-60012006R16mm 600x1200mm NA 1
ALPA1W-60012007R16mm 600x1200mm NA 1
SLPA1N-6006006R16mm 600x600mm NA 1
SLPA1W-6006006R16mm 600x600mm NA 1

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