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Corridor System - Hook On

Celebretto's Corridor System - Hook on is a corridor ceiling suspension system which eliminates the need for threaded rods and vertical hangers. Long span ceiling designs can be accommodated. This ceiling design provides unlimited access to the underside of the slab. 


Choose USG ME as ceiling panels suppliers! Our metal ceiling solutions deliver acoustical performance to meet the needs of every project, with a range of sound-absorbing backing options, from contractor grade to high sound control that meets UL and Fire codes. 


The perimeter trimmings sustain the metal ceiling panels as they freely splay from wall to wall. This ceiling is an affordable solution that can be erected fast and easily. Lifting and removing individual ceiling panels is possible. 


Celebretto’s Corridor System is a ceiling that freely stretched along a corridor, with continuous wall profiles and movable wall connections. Each ceiling panel can be separately swung down and moved on the longitudinal or short side using an operational tool.

SAR 1.00
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  • Enhanced CAC

  • High LR

  • High NRC

  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A



Corridor Ceiling features

  • Free span solution - eliminates the need for threaded rods and vertical hangers 
  • Quick installation of metal ceiling 
  • Ideal for corridors that have condensed MEP fixtures 
  • Total access to ceiling void allowing easy maintenance 
  • By providing you with all the advantages of the Corridor System in particular proportions, it enables you to design original ideas. 
  • When too much weight is hanging from a suspension system because of specially sized panels, a heavy duty clip-in profile that is a great option and easy to apply is utilized. 
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel 
  • Acoustic fleece has high acoustic performance up to w: 1,00. 
  • Freely spanned construction. 
  • Compensation of tolerances on the wall is possible due to an adjustable wall connection. 
  • Hygienic and easy to clean. 
  • Environmental Product Declaration. 


Corridor metal ceiling applications

  • Airports 
  • Hospitals 
  • Schools  
  • Business & residential towers 
  • Hotels 
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