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Auratone Designer Series Acoustical Ceiling

These light commercial Non-Directional ceiling tiles can speed up installation. The lack of a pattern enables installation to go more quickly and with less waste. Utilize with one of our ceiling suspension systems. This USG ME residential ceiling tile is made from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials. 


Auratone Designer Series ceiling tiles, which perform well in terms of NRC and CAC, provide noise control and floor plan flexibility. The sustain portfolio includes Auratone designer panels, which adhere to the modern market's strictest sustainability compliance standards. 


The less expensive option for your Grid Suspended Ceiling Tile System is the Auratone Designer Series Acoustical Ceiling Mineral Fiber Tiles. These ceiling panels are affordable and non-directional, which cuts down on waste and installation time. 


The durable and cost-effective qualities of your project are enhanced by the detail and dimension added by the Auratone Designer Series Acoustical Ceiling Tiles. These tiles have a medium texture, a non-directional fissured pattern, and good acoustics. 

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  • Sag Resistance



Auratone Designer Series Acoustical Ceiling features  

  • Shallow geometric square face masks the grid for a uniform look to make it appear as part of the overall ceiling design. 
  • 360° non-directional pattern with a fresh, clean appearance offers fast, cost-effective installation 
  • Face scores create illusion of a smaller-scaled ceiling system. 
  • Available in 4 different face styles ranging from smooth to 
  • textured. 
  • Low to mid-range sound attenuation. Ideal for general commercial construction. 
  • Fire resistant system options for life safety & protection of property. 
  • Easy to trim and install. 


Auratone Designer Series Acoustical Ceiling applications

  • Reception 
  • Shopping centers 
  • Waiting rooms 
  • Cafe and restaurants 
  • General offices 
  • Luxury retail stores 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
QCFSR669 600x600mm 35 0.6
QCFSR229 610x610mm 35 0.6
QTPSR669 600x600mm 35 0.7
QTPSR229 610x610mm 35 0.7
QTCR669 600x600mm 35 0.15
QTCR229 610x610mm 35 0.15
QTCR669 (36/15mm) 600x600mm 37 0.15
QTCR229 (36/15mm) 610x610mm 37 0.15
QOLPCR669 600x600mm 37 0.65
QOLPCR229 610x610mm 37 0.65
QRDSR669 600x600mm 35 0.6
QRDSR229 610x610mm 35 0.6
QRDCR669 600x600mm 35 0.6
QRDCR229 610x610mm 35 0.6

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