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Celebretto Crossing Baffle Ceilings provide a spatial pattern with a linear open ceiling from a design perspective. They are easy to install from a practical standpoint, provide quick access to the ceiling plenum for maintenance, and make it possible to add extra services like lights, audio system, sprinklers, etc. 


Crossing Baffle Ceilings can also have their dimensions and shape customized to meet the needs of a particular project. 


Celebretto Crossing Baffles are ideal for corridors or large spaces that eliminates the need for threaded rods and vertical hangers allowing total access to ceiling void for easy maintenance. The baffles are designed with a curved edge for smooth hollowing out of ceilings as well as ensuring that there is an even depth across from every baffle. 


Baffle ceilings are excellent for establishing atmosphere in a place. Where the open ceiling structures give a view of the concrete ceiling above and plenum area. The Crossing Baffles Ceilings are especially well suited for corrective installation on concrete ceilings when a distinctive design or an acoustical sound improvement are needed. A sound baffle is a structure or apparatus that lessens the volume of airborne sound. Sound barriers are excellent for reducing rebounding sound and noise pollution. Concert halls, theaters, conference rooms, and other locations where sound quality is crucial can all benefit from baffles' improved acoustics. 

SAR 1.00
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  • Enhanced CAC

  • High LR

  • High NRC

  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A



Crossing Baffles Ceiling features 

  • Free span solution - eliminates the need for threaded rods and vertical hangers.  
  • Ideal for corridors that have condensed MEP fixtures. 
  • Total access to ceiling void, allowing easy maintenance.  
  • Quick installation. 
  • The highest standard of production procedures, materials, equipment, and final goods are guaranteed by our commitment to quality. USG Middle East Ceilings products are more cost-effective over their entire life cycle because of their greater durability 
  • All USG Middle East Crossing Baffle ceiling systems have gained a high resistance to fire classification 


Crossing Baffles Ceiling applications 

  • Reception  
  • Airports 
  • Hospitals 
  • Schools  
  • Business & residential towers  
  • Hotels 
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