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Expanded Metal Mesh ceilings

Expanded Metal Mesh Ceilings are a decorative ceiling solution that, thanks to the expanded metal's unique hollow texture, offers exceptional light and air permeability. 

The Expanded Metal Mesh Ceilings are becoming a crucial component of contemporary construction. In addition to crucial features like tried-and-true ball-impact resistance, they provide an almost limitless range of constructions, sizes, and design options. Punch and pull methods and/or laser cutting are used to produce expanded metal in an eco-friendly and resource-efficient manner. New design possibilities are made possible by the material's light weight and enhanced structural appearance. Any room looks impressive with illumination that has been skillfully chosen. 


Expanded Metal Mesh ceiling panels are made from metal and galvanized steel with a variety of suspension types, eye models, and limitless color variations. The material's appealing and durable qualities offer original and creative external designs as well as a variety of options for industrial use. 

In the upcoming years, architectural meshes will be a popular option for both interior and exterior design, as the mesh sizes offered allow for the realization of some really original ideas. 

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  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A



Expanded Metal Mesh Ceiling features

  • Expanded Metal Mesh ceilings are becoming widely popular amongst designers due to their raw industrial appearance. 
  • Improves the smoke extraction requirements 
  • Mainly available in lay-on and hook-on systems. 
  • Available in many mesh patterns, colors, and with an optional acoustic infill to improve acoustic requirements. 
  • The mesh ceiling allows a more refined industrial look as well as an alternative option to exposed soffit. 
  • A constant ceiling surface because the substructure is hidden  
  • A wide range of design options because varied mesh kinds, shapes, and sizes 
  • High open regions with ball-impact resistant mesh and carefully pierced shapes provide a structured appearance that makes it possible to mount luminaires or other fixtures in the ceiling void.  


Expanded Metal Mesh applications

  • Restaurant  
  • Public areas
  • Reception 
  • Lobbies 
  • Office spaces  
  • Libraries  
  • Airport 
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