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Primary Channel Hanging Bracket

Primary Channel Hanging Bracket (PCHB) is suspended by wire hanger used to fix the primary channel into the Adjustable Wire Connecting Clip. The bracket is used as any alternative option for the Primary Channel C Bracket with threaded rod suspension system in ceiling assemblies. Primary Channel Hanging Bracket (PCHB) is made of galvanized steel and must be installed on spacing of 1200mm. Ceilings assemblies should be installed as per ASTM C 754 requirements or the project specification. USG Middle East recommends using the Primary Channel Hanging Bracket when single layer gypsum board is installed.

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  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Meets ASTM C 754 requirements or the
    project specification.
  • Physical Properties
    • Material thickness:
    • Channel Size:
  • ASTM & Code Standards
    • Primary Channel Hanging Brackets meet the requirements of ASTM C635, C645 and C977
      Galvanized sheet steel meet the requirements of ASTM A-653
  • Green Benefits and Recycled Content
    • LEED Credit MR 2 – USG Middle East products are manufactured from cold-formed steel. Steel is 100% recyclable, which helps divert debris from the waste stream.
    • LEED Credit MR 4 – USG Middle East steel products have a minimum of 25.5 % post-consumer recycled content, and 6.8% pre-consumer.

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