Primary Channel Drywall Suspension

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Primary Channel Drywall Suspension features

  • Used as main carrying channels in the Drywall Ceiling suspension systems where it is suspended from the overhead structure using different types of hangers.
  • It also forms along with the perimeter angles a solid horizontal bridging to resist rotation and axial loads.
  • Optional used as suspension hangers.


Primary Channel Drywall Suspension application

When drywall is suspended from an overhead structure utilizing various types of hangers, they are used as the primary carrying channels. Additionally, it creates a robust horizontal bridging with the perimeter angles to withstand axial and rotational loads. can be used as hangers for suspension.

Documents Files
Ceiling Specification Format (CSI)
Installation Guide
Sustainability tool

Shaftwall Installation

Product Items
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
PC1238-035 12x35mm
PC1238-038 12x38mm
PC1238-045 12x38mm
PC1238-040 12x38mm
PC1238-055 12x38mm
PC1238-050 12x38mm
PC1238-060 12x38mm
PC12386R10 12x38mm
PC1238-070 12x38mm
PC1238-080 12x38mm
PC1238-090 12x38mm
PC12389R05 12x38mm
PC1238-120 12x38mm
PC1238-150 12x38mm
PC1260-070 12x60mm
PC1260-090 12x60mm
PC1270-055 12x70mm
PC1272-055 12x72mm
SC-S-PCS-153815 15x38mm
PC1560-150 15x60mm
SC-S-PCS-163815 16x38mm
SC-S-PCS-20379 20x37mm
SC-S-PCS-20379-L1160 20x37mm
SC-S-PCS-G15204020 20x40mm
SC-S-PCS-G10204020 20x40mm
SC-SS-PC4080-SL-100 40x80mm
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