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E-Studs are tiny starting studs that are utilized in the Shaftwall system. In the slots between the flanges are panels used for fire and acoustic ratings.

E Stud is made of hot-dipped steel that has a minimum G40 coating and complies with ASTM A653. G60 coating is available upon special request, although it can come at an additional option with a longer lead time.

Used as a crucial component of USG ME Shaftwall systems in multi-story structures to block continuous fire escape routes. Together with USG ME CH Stud and related J Runner, this stud is used. Together, they make it possible to install a system in its entirety from one side of the shaft, fully doing away with the requirement for scaffolding.

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Shaftwall E Stud Framing System features

  • Made of hot-dipped steel that has a minimum G40 coating
  • Blocks continuous fire escape routes
  • Provides robust shaftwall and fire-resistant framing system.


Shaftwall E Stud Framing System application

As part of the USG ME Shaftwall Systems, steel sections are used for starter studs, intersections, door openings, and end studs.

Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
400ES-23 25x102x19mm
400ES-24 25x102x19mm
400ES-32 25x102x19mm
400ES-34 25x102x19mm
400ES-48 25x102x19mm
400ES-58 25x102x19mm
600ES-23 25x152x19mm
600ES-24 25x152x19mm
600ES-32 25x152x19mm
600ES-34 25x152x19mm
600ES-48 25x152x19mm
600ES-58 25x152x19mm
212ES-23 25x63x19mm
212ES-24 25x63x19mm
212ES-32 25x63x19mm
212ES-34 25x63x19mm
212ES-48 25x63x19mm
212ES-58 25x63x19mm

Shaftwall Installation

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