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Sheetrock Brand Flexible Firecode Gypsum Board

The non-combustible gypsum core of Sheetrock® Brand Flexible Gypsum Board 6.4mm Firecode® is covered by face and back papers made entirely from recycled materials. The panels have tapered edges for simple installation and are classified by UL as fire resistant (type R). 

Dry construction: Factory-fabricated gypsum panels eliminate excessive moisture in construction. 

Low in-place cost: The easily cut gypsum panels apply quickly, permit painting or other decoration, and allow installation of metal or wood trim almost immediately. 

Fire protection: The gypsum core will not support combustion or transmit temperatures greatly in excess of 100 °C until completely calcined—a slow process. 

Crack resistance: With joints reinforced by one of USG ME joint systems, SHEETROCK® Brand Flexible Gypsum Board 6.4mm Firecode® form walls and ceilings that are exceptionally resistant to cracks caused by structural, thermal, and hygrometric changes. 

Nonwarping: Expansion or contraction under normal atmospheric changes is negligiblewon’t cause harmful warping or buckling. 

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  • Crack Resistant

  • Fire Resistant

  • Greenguard Gold

  • Low Voc

  • Non Warping



Sheetrock Brand Flexible Firecode Gypsum Board features: 

  • More flexible than standard 6.4mm Sheetrock® Panels 
  • Designed to construct curved surfaces easily 
  • Quick installation and decoration 
  • Lightweight, fire-resistant dry construction 

Sheetrock Brand Flexible Gypsum Board 6.4mm Firecode applications:

  • Curved Walls and surfaces  
  • Interior Decoration for iconic projects 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
SFG635R2440 1220x2440mm
SFG635R3660 1220x3660mm

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