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Skyrock Moisture Resistant Access Panel

The access panel is designed to be install in a gypsum board opening for ceiling and wall applications. Access panel leafs can be removed and re-installed to gain access to the void area. Clean, continuous surfaces without visible hardware. Leafs are fixed in a concealed mechanical touch-latch.

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  • Moisture Resistant

  • Wet Area


  • 2mm aluminum profile frame with white powder coating finish
  • 12.5mm moisture resistant gypsum board
  • Touch locks and safety chains
  • Easy to install
  • Consistent continuous surfaces
  • Virtually invisible access
  • Concealed hinges and locks
  • Lift out doors with safety cables
  • Product data:
    • Model Number: AP-LMR332; Nominal Size (mm): 300x300; Opening Size A1xB1 (mm): 300x300; Overall Size A2xB2 (mm): 356x356; Packing (PCS/CTN): 10
    • Model Number: AP-LMR442; Nominal Size (mm): 400x400; Opening Size A1xB1 (mm): 400x400; Overall Size A2xB2 (mm): 456x456; Packing (PCS/CTN): 8
    • Model Number: AP-LMR552; Nominal Size (mm): 500x500; Opening Size A1xB1 (mm): 500x500; Overall Size A2xB2 (mm): 556x556; Packing (PCS/CTN): 6
    • Model Number: AP-LMR662; Nominal Size (mm): 600x600; Opening Size A1xB1 (mm): 600x600; Overall Size A2xB2 (mm): 656x656; Packing (PCS/CTN): 6
    • Model Number: AP-LMR622; Nominal Size (mm): 600x1200; Opening Size A1xB1 (mm): 600x1200; Overall Size A2xB2 (mm): 656x1256; Packing (PCS/CTN): 2
  • Details:
    • Door
      • Powder Coated Extruded aluminium alloy 6063-T3 with gypsum boards
      • Door leaf with brush
    • Gypsum Boards
      • 12.5mm Moisture Resistant
    • Hardware
      • Hook profile hinge
      • Safety chain
      • Touch latch
    • Frame
      • 2mm thick concealed extruded aluminium alloy 6063-T3
    • Finish
      • Powder Coat finish.
    • Color RAL 9010 as standard, other finishes are available upon request
    • Applications
      • Ceiling
      • Wall
    • Storage
      • Store in dry condition, avoid damaging the packaging, particularly the sharp corners.
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
AP-LMR332 300x300mm
AP-LMR442 400x400mm
AP-LMR552 500x500mm
AP-LMR662 600x600mm
AP-LMR622 600x1200mm

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