DONN® Brand AX™/AXCE™ Aluminium Suspension System



DONN® Brand AX™/AXCE™ Aluminium Suspension System

DONN® Brand AX™/AXCE™ Aluminium Suspension System
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System Components
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This suspension system, a less expensive alternative to extruded systems, has good corrosion resistance. 

In comparison to extruded systems, this suspension system is more affordable and has superior corrosion resistance. The double-web aluminum Donn® Brand AXTM/AXCE Acoustical Suspension System is coupled with plug-in positive-lock insertion for easy installation and removal without tools. Due to its strong corrosion resistance, it is perfect for use in situations with high humidity, regulated conditions, and healthcare applications. 

The revolutionary Quick-Release cross tees from Donn® Brand AXTM/AXCE Acoustical Suspension System are simple to remove without tools, lowering remodeling expenses. They cantilever during installation and survive dropping out. They have override ends that rest on the main tees for better appearance (no exposed edges), and they don't droop or twist. 

  • Clean Room

  • Wet Area



DONN® Brand AX™/AXCE™ Suspension System features  

  • Meets 2018 Guidelines For Healthcare Facilities.
  • A noncorrosive aluminum 24mm exposed grid system with a stainless steel clip is ideal for high-humidity or wet-cleaned areas.
  • Capable of withstanding cleaning and disinfecting chemicals as tested by ASTM D5402.
  • Tested for environmental conditions in accordance with ASTM C635.
  • Aluminum components can be used in nonmagnetic environments and meet USDA/FSIS requirements.
  • Cross-tee override-ends resist twisting and give a professionally finished look.
  • Proprietary stainless steel Quick-Release™ clip.
  • Compatible with Square and SLT ceiling tile edges.
  • Up to 90% recycled content.
  • Factory applied white closed cell foam gasket.


DONN® Brand AX™/AXCE™ Suspension System applications

  • Healthcare facilities, restricted and semi-restricted areas 
  • MRI rooms 
  • Magnetic-free zones 
  • High-humidity areas 
  • Food processing areas 
  • Certified to meet ISO 14644-1 Class 5 (Fed. Standard 209E Class 100) 
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Q & A

What are the main materials used in metal grids?

Metal grids are typically made of galvanized steel or aluminum.

What types of suspension systems are commonly used?

Commonly used suspension systems include Lay-In and Clip-In systems.

What is the primary Lay-In system for ceiling grids?

The primary Lay-In system for ceiling grids is the DONN brand suspension system.

How does the Clip-In system differ from Lay-In grids?

The Clip-In system features panels that clip into suspension systems by connectors, while in Lay-In grids, the tiles rest on the support structure of suspension system with the custom tile edge.

What advantages do steel grids offer over aluminum?

Steel grids provide higher strength and load-bearing capacity compared to aluminum, suitable for heavy-duty applications.

How are Lay-In grids installed in a ceiling system?

Lay-In grids are installed by placing the panels onto the grid structure, providing a versatile and accessible ceiling solution.

What are the typical applications for Clip-In systems?

Clip-In systems are commonly used in areas where frequent access to the ceiling void is required, such as commercial buildings.

How do metal suspension systems contribute to design?

Metal suspension systems offer design flexibility, enabling creative ceiling configurations and aesthetic appeal.