DONN® Brand DXI® IDENTITEE® Suspension System



DONN® Brand DXI® IDENTITEE® Suspension System

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System Components
Long Cross Tee
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Wall Angle Shadowline
SAR 1.00
Main Runner
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Wall Angle
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SAR 1.00
Short Cross Tee
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Specifically created to support narrow illumination and modular versatility. 

Having a polished 4.75mm This system, which has a dual reveal profile, was created specifically to support narrow lighting and modular adaptability. The Donn® Brand Identitee® DXI Acoustical Suspension System makes it simple and quick to install a range of sizes, patterns, and linear channels. It is polished 9/16 "Dual reveal profile completely dispels worries about notches and mitered intersections, making Logix Integrated System compatible. 

A ground-breaking suspension system from USG, the Donn® Brand Identitee® DXI Acoustical Suspension System emphasizes design freedom and product compatibility. Design freedom is provided by a patented cap lance that offers a wide range of color and finish possibilities. 

  • Heavy Duty

  • Seismic



DONN® Brand DXI® IDENTITEE® Suspension System features

  • Narrow-profile grid system with double 3.175mm reveal. 
  • Seamless reveal at intersections. 
  • Meets or exceeds all national code requirements including seismic. 
  • Compatible with USG Logix™ Integrated System. 
  • Custom colors available. 
  • ICC-ES evaluated for seismic installations (ESR-1222). 
  • G30 hot-dipped galvanized steel body and cap inhibits red rust. 
  • All USG Donn® Brand Identitee® DXI™ items have High Recycled Content (HRC). 
  • Available in metric and imperial sizes. 
  • Proprietary cap lance allows a variety of color and coating options to meet unique project requirements. 

DONN® Brand DXI® IDENTITEE® Suspension System applications

  • All interior general-use areas  
  • USG Logix™ Integrated Systems 
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Q & A

What are the main materials used in metal grids?

Metal grids are typically made of galvanized steel or aluminum.

What types of suspension systems are commonly used?

Commonly used suspension systems include Lay-In and Clip-In systems.

What is the primary Lay-In system for ceiling grids?

The primary Lay-In system for ceiling grids is the DONN brand suspension system.

How does the Clip-In system differ from Lay-In grids?

The Clip-In system features panels that clip into suspension systems by connectors, while in Lay-In grids, the tiles rest on the support structure of suspension system with the custom tile edge.

What advantages do steel grids offer over aluminum?

Steel grids provide higher strength and load-bearing capacity compared to aluminum, suitable for heavy-duty applications.

How are Lay-In grids installed in a ceiling system?

Lay-In grids are installed by placing the panels onto the grid structure, providing a versatile and accessible ceiling solution.

What are the typical applications for Clip-In systems?

Clip-In systems are commonly used in areas where frequent access to the ceiling void is required, such as commercial buildings.

How do metal suspension systems contribute to design?

Metal suspension systems offer design flexibility, enabling creative ceiling configurations and aesthetic appeal.