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EASYCOAT 30 Setting-Type Gypsum Powder is a setting interior use compound specially formulated for applying onto gypsum board, precast wall, masonry wall, and ceiling. Its unique formulation consists of gypsum plaster mixed together with special additives to provide high-performance mixing, application, and finishing qualities.

EASYCOAT 30 Setting-Type Gypsum Powder (or POP) is suitable for skimming directly onto various types of surface without adding any other additives or changing type of finishing plaster. Recommended surfaces of application are: Masonry wall surface, Precast wall surface, and Gypsum board partition.


EASYCOAT 30 Setting-Type Gypsum Powder should be stored under a cover in a dry environment and protected from temperature extremes; storage in an unsuitable environment can shorten the lifespan of this product. EASYCOAT 30 Setting-Type Gypsum Powder has a shelf life of 24 months from date of manufacture

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  • Crack Resistance

  • High Performance Finishing



EASYCOAT 30 Setting Type Gypsum Powder features

  • High quality finish No more crack and sandy surface since it provides a smooth ivory finish that can be trowel-led to a matt or polished finish or even painting if required.
  • Time saving No need to cure like concrete. Just after dried out, you can proceed the next step.
  • Easy to mix Provides good mixing qualities with minimal effort. Just tear a package and mix with clean water. It’s then ready to use.
  • Easy to apply Easy application qualities for the installer. Use less effort to apply due to the very soft compound body.
  • Only one product needed For gypsum board, can be used for treating both joints and gypsum board surface.


EASYCOAT 30 Setting Type Gypsum Powder application

  • Mixing
    • Pour EASYCOAT 30 Setting-Type Gypsum Powder into clean water with mixture ratio 1:2 and mix it with a drill or plunger until you have a creamy consistency
  • Jointing
    • Treat all joints using EASYCOAT 30 Setting-Type Gypsum Powder with appropriate joint tape
  • Lay on
    • Lay on the first coat a thickness of 2 mm. If need 5 mm thickness, lay on the second coat once the first one becomes damp
  • Flatten Down
    • You can flatten down when the plaster starts to pick up (firms on surface). You should flatten down with a dry or slightly wet trowel to achieve a flat appearance
  • First Trowel
    • Repeat stage 4 but this time use a slightly wet towel. You might find that at this stage an acceptable matt finish is achieved if a high quality finish is not required
  • Second Trowel
    • By repeating stage 5 a high quality matt or polished finish can be achieved by Thoroughly clean all tools and equipment after use

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