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General Purpose Setting-Type Basecoat is composed of Portland cement and dry latex polymers specially designed for exteriors walls, ceilings system (EIFS, Exterior insulation and finishing system). It is prepared on site with water and applied with exterior tape brand reinforcement at joints between boards, inside and outside corners. Meets the following standards ASTM C472-79, C266-86, C109-84, EN 99E-1.


As a coating of 2.5 mm. over the entire surface and joints treatment between boards of cement board, approximate Coverage - 7 to 8 square meter per bag. As a coating of 1.5 mm. over the entire surface and joints treatment between boards of cement board, approximate Coverage - 9 to 10 square meter per bag. As a bonding for insulating sheathing rigid extruded polystyrene, approximate coverage - 12 to 14 square meters per bag

For joints treatment in Cement Board, neat finished edges, is used for embedding, as a coating over the entire surface and joints treatment between boards of cement board and edges that not required vinyl bead. For embedding fiberglass mesh.

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  • EIFS

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General Purpose Setting Type Basecoat features

  • For interior and exterior applications.
  • Specially formulated for cement board system.
  • High flexibility.
  • Good bonding to the substrate.
  • Designed for use in EIFS systems.
  • Asbestos-free product.


General Purpose Setting Type Basecoat application

Place 5 liters of water in a container. Start the mixer; slowly add USG General Purpose Basecoat and mix until to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Add more water if is necessary. Approximate water-cement ratios for Basecoat (hand or machine application) are 6 liters per bag. Mix plaster with a cage-type paddle driven by a heavy-duty drill capable of producing 300 to 450 rpm.


When the mixture is smooth and free of lumps, let stand 15 minutes, and then re-mix to a smooth paste. The surface where you will apply the cement must be completely clean, dry and free of dust, ice, grease, oil or other substances that may prevent adhesion.


Fill joints with General Purpose Basecoat with a HammerEnd Joint Knife and then place the reinforcing exterior tape, retroweling removing excess of Basecoat in order to embed the tape. Cover corners and vinyl beads. The thickness of the General Purpose Basecoat must be thin, no more than 1 mm. Remove excess with a flat metal wool or polystyrene wet. Allow dry at least 4 hours.


Once the joints are dry, apply a uniform layer of 2 mm thick over the entire surface of Basecoat with a flat trowel. Allow dry at least 24 hours before applying any seal or finish

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