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These panels offer an unusual and surprising depth whether used in combination to make 3D design ceilings or randomly to enhance dimensional diversity. Architects and Project managers have a wide range of design options and depth variations available to them with Geometrix 3-Dimensional Metal Panels. Despite having a really original look, these panels are simple to install and enable complete ceiling accessibility. 


These panels offer an original and surprising depth when used in combination to make 3D Metal Ceiling designs or randomly to add dimensional diversity. 


When you mix and match various panel sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to recreate your ceiling, you'll add fresh dimension, movement, texture, and depth. View thousands of pre-made geometric ceiling tile patterns, select from many different color schemes, and uniquely personalize your project! 


To make it simple to integrate utilities and lighting, Geometrix 3D Metal Ceiling Panels can be ordered with custom-sized and custom-positioned pre-engineered utility circles. Suspension Trim is used as an add-on option that gives exposed edges a more completed look. 

SAR 1.00
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  • Enhanced CAC

  • High LR

  • High NRC

  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A



Geometrix Ceiling features

  • Multiple panels depths lend new dimension to ceiling design  
  • Panel depths of 7mm-200mm provide an array of possibilities for the architect. 
  • 600x600mm lay-in panels are compatible with USG Middle East DONN® brand suspension systems for T24 or T15.  
  • Plain or perforated panels. 
  • Available in custom colors for design versatility.  
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel 
  • Panel configuration available in flat panel and wedge panel. 
  • Custom colors are available on request (no minimum required). The panels are offered in solid metal or in a choice of five perforated patterns. 
  • Offered in a variety of designs and in varying depths, the panels install easily into T15 narrow-profile and T24 standard suspension systems. 



Geometrix Ceiling applications

  • All commercial applications  
  • Interior applications  
  • Wall to wall ceilings 
  • New construction or renovation 
Ceiling Specification Format (CSI)
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