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The Halcyon™ Black Acoustical Ceiling is a Fiberglass substrate with great sound absorption, a washable and scrubbable surface, and resistance to sagging, mold, and mildew. It is perfect for adding decorative touches as well as acoustical control. It is usually installed under the ceiling mass barrier as secondary ceiling layer in the auditorium ceilings. 



The remarkable acoustical absorption and durability of fine-textured Halcyon™ Black Acoustical Panels with ClimaPlus™ Performance. Halcyon™ Black Acoustical Panels have qualities that make them resistant to mold and sag. Since these tiles are easy to install, clean, have the ability to reduce noise, they are perfect for open office layouts as well as for reception and lobby areas. 


Available in a variety of sizes and colors. The black suspension systems from USG Middle East make it simple to install tiles. 

Halcyon™ Black Acoustical Ceiling tiles are easy to clean with a light brush or vacuum. When cleaning tiles, use a clean, white cloth wet with warm water or a light detergent to wipe the panel surface. 


Some Halcyon™ Black Acoustical tiles' foil backing acts as a sound barrier to stop air from passing through the surface, keeping the surface cleaner for longer. Additionally, these panels require less upkeep. Another characteristic of these panels is Inherent Performance, which suggests that because of their fiberglass foundation, they are inherently resistant to the development of mold and mildew. 


Halcyon™ Black Acoustical Ceiling tiles assist you in creating the ideal space since they have exposed rear sides that enhance acoustical performance. 

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  • Fire Resistance Class A

  • Sag Resistance



Halcyon Black Acoustical Ceiling features

  • Fiberglass substrate with elegant and refined acoustical facing and high-performance mineral fleece membrane on the backside. Planks are fully demountable, which reduces installation time. 
  • Light black tile for ideal application in cinemas and theaters. 
  • Exceptional sound absorption with NRC values up to 1 & high acoustic sound absorption performance at low frequencies, satisfying high-performance needs for cinema construction. 
  • Impact & scratch resistance. 
  • Available with aluminum foil back to increase sound attenuation class. 


Halcyon Black Acoustical Ceiling applications 

  • Cinemas and operating theatres 
  • Restaurants 
  • Convention halls and concourses 
  • Bowling alleys 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
HC629B 600x1200mm 24 0.95
HC6238B 600x1200mm 31 1.05
HCE6240B-AFx 600x1200mm 34 0.9
HCE6250B 600x1200mm 32 0.95
HC669B 600x600mm 24 0.95
HC6625B 600x600mm 25 1
HC6638B 600x600mm 31 1.05
HCE6650B 600x600mm 32 0.95
HC249B 610x1220mm 24 0.95
HC2438B 610x1220mm 31 1.05
HCE2440B-AFx 610x1220mm 34 0.9
HCE2450B 610x1220mm 32 0.95
HC229B 610x610mm 24 0.95
HC2225B 610x610mm 25 1
HC2238B 610x610mm 31 1.05
HCE6640B-AFx 610x610mm 34 0.9
HCE2240B-AFx 610x610mm 34 0.9
HCE2250B 610x610mm 32 0.95

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