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Panels with a fine texture and a water-repellent membrane are safe to use with regular disinfectants. Healthcare FGI 2018 standards are exceeded in terms of acoustics and cleanability. 


Due to their high-NRC rating (0.95 or 1.00), Halcyon™ Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels are perfect for places that need to effectively absorb noise. This allows for improved speech privacy from room to room and improved sound control in open-plan environments. These panels visually match the aesthetics of the Mars™ Healthcare Acoustical Panels. Additionally, their monolithic, non-directional design cuts down on waste and installation time. 


False ceiling panels made of fiber glass that are lightweight, acoustic, and have a monolithic appearance offer good noise reduction, outstanding light reflection to minimize the need for light fixtures, and are low-VOC generating. 


With ClimaPlus™ Performance Fiberglass panels, which offer better noise reduction coefficient (NRC) values, high light reflectance, a water repellent membrane made to last and be safe around common disinfectants, and sag resistance. Patient rooms, treatment rooms, nurses' stations, laboratories, corridors, bathrooms and restrooms, and kitchen or food-prep areas are just a few of the places in healthcare institutions where Halcyon™ Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Panels excel. 

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  • Fire Resistance Class A

  • Sag Resistance



Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling features

  • Fiberglass substrate with water repellent facing membrane designed to be durable and safe with common disinfectants. 
  • Elegant and refined acoustical facing and high-performance mineral fleece membrane on the backside. 
  • Exceptional sound absorption with NRC values up to 1. 
  • Certificated for Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as per ISO 14025, ISO 21930, and EN 15804. 
  • High light reflectance (LR-0.88) reduces light fixture & energy use. 
  • Recommended to be used with AX grid for hospitals in high humidity or wet-cleaned areas. 
  • Washable & scrubbable finish. 
  • Impact & scratch resistance. 
  • Available in plank sizes compatible with Logix™ integrated ceiling system. 
  • High light-reflective finish (LR–.90) 
  • Washable and scrubbable finish 
  • Impact and scratch resistant 
  • Exceeds FGI guidelines for healthcare applications 
  • ClimaPlus™ 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew 


Halcyon Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling applications

  • Class 1 MRI & imaging rooms 
  • Food preparation 
  • Food storage 
  • Laboratories 
  • Laundry areas 
  • Lobbies 
  • ICU / NICU 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Waiting areas 
  • Ware washing 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
HCRF6225-HC 600x1200mm 28 1
HCRF6625-HC 600x600mm 28 1
HCRF2425-HC 610x1220mm 28 1
HCRF2225-HC 610x610mm 28 1
HCR6225-HC 600x1200mm 28 1
HCR6625-HC 600x600mm 28 1
HCR2425-HC 610x1220mm 28 1
HCR2225-HC 610x610mm 28 1
HC629-HC 600x1200mm 24 0.95
HC6225-HC 600x1200mm 25 1
HC6238-HC 600x1200mm 31 1
HC669-HC 600x600mm 24 0.95
HC6625-HC 600x600mm 25 1
HC6638-HC 600x600mm 31 1
HC249-HC 610x1220mm 24 0.95
HC2425-HC 610x1220mm 25 1
HC2438-HC 610x1220mm 31 1
HC229-HC 610x610mm 24 0.95
HC2225-HC 610x610mm 25 1
HC2238-HC 610x610mm 31 1

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