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Island Hook On

All of the acoustic tiles of the Celebretto Metal Ceiling Island Hook On's is a concealed ceiling system which is demountable without the use of complex tools, making it simple to reach the plenum. The ability to customize ceiling panel sizes and layouts makes it the perfect choice for both newly constructed and renovated spaces. 


The Celebretto Island Hook-On Metal Ceiling is perfect for multi-tenant commercial applications like offices and industrial buildings, retail establishments, and building services. 


Island Hook On ceilings, which are composed of metal components and particular sound-absorbing panels, are the ideal way to improve the acoustics of a space while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Celebretto Island Metal Ceilings are manufactured to order and are unique in shape, size, and color to match the demands of each project. In reality, the metal surface may be finished endlessly to create sophisticated quiet spaces with excellent acoustics by sublimating any image or color effect, such as wood or marble. 


Metal ceiling panels are available in a range of acoustical qualities to suit the requirements of various projects. There are numerous additional sound-absorbing backing options available that can improve overall acoustical performance by up to 1.0 NRC. 

In stock
  • Enhanced CAC

  • High LR

  • High NRC

  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A



Island Hook On Ceiling features

  • Featuring a concealed island suspension ceiling system with special ceiling design configurations. 
  • All island panels are demountable without the need for complex tools, allowing easy access to plenum for simple maintenance. 
  • Configurable panel sizes and layouts offer the designer more freedom with their ceiling design 
  • With the help of the floating Island Hook On Ceilings, create a stunning visual impact. These multipurpose architectural elements, which are typically made of steel, aluminum, or composite materials and combined with lighting bodies and insulating materials, are used to reduce reverberation time and improve speech intelligibility. 
  • Multi-panel systems of the Celebretto Island Hook-On floating ceilings can cover substantial areas. 


Island Hook On Ceiling applications 

  • Airports 
  • Commercial spaces 
  • Offices 
  • Malls 
  • Lounges 
  • Open halls 
  • Hotel lobbies 
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