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Balancing the sounds. Both a high NRC and CAC. Offered in black in order to satisfy theaters' growing demand. Specifically designed to meet high-frequency performance requirements where strong acoustic performance is required. 


A hybrid ceiling panel combines a wet-felted mineral fiber substrate on the backside with a soft fiber substrate on the front. finished with a sealed edge and painted fiberglass scrim. Excellent combination of sound attenuation and noise reduction (up to NRC-0.90 for 53mm) (up to CAC-42). Coated with an impact and scratch-resistant finish 


Excellent noise attenuation and noise reduction (up to NRC-0.90) (up to CAC-42). Scrubbable and washable finish. scratch and impact resistant. Available in sizes of plank that work with the Logix™ Integrated ceiling system. 


The best single ceiling tile option for usage in mixed studio designs is Louna Hi CAC Black Acoustical Ceiling Panels, which combine outstanding noise reduction and sound attenuation, high recycled content, and low VOC emissions. 


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  • Fire Resistant



Louna Hi CAC Black Acoustical Ceiling features

  • Balanced Acoustics. High-NRC and High-CAC. 
  • Specifically engineered when high acoustic performance is needed to satisfy high-frequency performance criteria. 
  • Hybrid ceiling panel is made of soft fiber substrate with wet-felted mineral fiber substrate on the rear side. Finished with painted fiberglass scrim and sealed edge. 
  • Excellent combination of noise reduction (up to NRC-0.90 for 53mm) and sound attenuation (up to CAC-42). 
  • Impact & scratch resistant finish scrim. 
  • Available in different colors. 



Louna Hi CAC Black Acoustical Ceiling applications

  • Recording studios and radio stations 
  • Music and sports hall 
  • Industrial premises 
  • Convention halls and concourses 
  • Restaurants 
  • Sports facilities 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
LCX6243B-MF 600x1200mm 42 0.85
LCXX6253B-MF 600x1200mm 41 0.9
LCX6643B-MF 600x600mm 42 0.85
LCXX6653B-MF 600x600mm 41 0.9
LCX2443B-MF 610x1220mm 42 0.85
LCXX2453B-MF 610x1220mm 41 0.9
LCX2243B-MF 610x610mm 42 0.85
LCXX2253B-MF 610x610mm 41 0.9

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