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Louna™ Hygiene Acoustical Ceiling

Engineered for high hygiene facilities such as Class 1 MRI & imaging rooms, ICU / NICU, Food handling, Pharmacies, Laboratories. Thanks to its noise reduction, sound attenuation, high light reflectance, water repellent and disinfecting properties. 

It's safe to use ceiling tiles with a fine texture and a water-repellent membrane with common disinfectants. The acoustics and cleanability meet or surpass FGI 2018 criteria for healthcare facilities. 


Louna hygiene Cleanliness Acoustical Ceiling is categorized according to healthcare standards for spaces with strict hygiene and cleaning needs, such as hallways, offices, waiting rooms, and nursing homes. It is classified as a clean room because of its low particle emission. 


Use Louna Hygiene Acoustical Ceiling for various applications as hygiene and disinfection requirements rise, such as in emergency rooms, delivery rooms, small surgery, radiography, laboratories, and patient rooms. 


An airtight backing membrane and sealed edges make the Louna Hygiene Acoustical Ceiling ideal for high-risk environments including operating rooms, recovery areas, and intensive care, where air pressure is managed to stop the spread of diseases. 


Our stone wool acoustic ceiling products have all received the UL® Environment's GREENGUARD® Gold Certification for their low chemical emissions into indoor air during use, including our hygienic and healthcare ceiling tiles. 


The certification procedure verifies that a product is appropriate for settings like healthcare facilities and takes into account safety considerations that may affect elderly people, children, and those with weak immune systems. 

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  • Fire Resistance Class A

  • Sag Resistance



Louna Hygiene Acoustical Ceiling features

  • Superb ceiling panel made of stone wool substrate with water repellent facing membrane designed to be durable and safe with common disinfectants. 
  • Elegant a facilities this option provides an excellent combination of noise reduction (up to NRC-0.95) and sound attenuation (up to CAC-39) to improve patient recovery. 
  • High light reflectance (LR-0.88) reduces wear and tear on light fixtures and energy use. 
  • Recommended to be used with AX grid for hospitals in high humidity or wet-cleaned areas. 
  • Washable & scrubbable finish. 
  • Impact & scratch resistant. 
  • Available in plank sizes compatible with Logix Integrated ceiling system. 


Louna Hygiene Acoustical Ceiling applications

  • Class 1 MRI & imaging rooms 
  • Food preparation 
  • Food storage 
  • Laboratories 
  • Laundry areas LOUNA™ HYGIENE 142 
  • Lobbies 
  • ICU / NICU 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Waiting areas 
  • Ware washing 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
LCRFDC669H 600x600mm 28 0.85
LCRFDC6625H 600x600mm 29 0.9
LCRFDC6638H 600x600mm 32 0.9
LCRF1425H 300x1200mm 28 0.9
LCRF3225H 300x1200mm 28 0.9
LCRF6225H 600x1200mm 28 0.9
LCRF669H 600x600mm 27 0.85
LCRF6625H 600x600mm 28 0.9
LCRF2425H 610x1220mm 28 0.9
LCRF229H 610x610mm 27 0.85
LCRF2225H 610x610mm 28 0.9
LCDSC6625H 600x600mm 29 0.9
LCR1425H 300x1200mm 28 0.9
LCR3225H 300x1200mm 28 0.9
LCR6225H 600x1200mm 28 0.9
LCR669H 600x600mm 27 0.85
LCR6625H 600x600mm 28 0.9
LCR2425H 610x1220mm 28 0.9
LCR229H 610x610mm 27 0.85
LCR2225H 610x610mm 28 0.9
LC1425H 300x1200mm 26 0.9
LC3225H 300x1200mm 26 0.9
LC669H 600x600mm 25 0.9
LC6625-AFHx 600x600mm 35 0.9
LC6625H 600x600mm 26 0.95
LC6638-AFHx 600x600mm 39 0.85
LC229H 610x610mm 25 0.9
LC2225-AFHx 610x610mm 35 0.9
LC2225H 610x610mm 26 0.95
LC2238-AFHx 610x610mm 39 0.85

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