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Made from Eco-friendly stone wool especially for facilities such as conference rooms, Libraries, media rooms that highly demand aesthetic visual, extreme sound absorption and high light reflectance. 


Our stone wool Louna Elite Acoustical Ceilings are created from natural rocks, which are naturally regenerated from within the ground - volcanoes and plate tectonics supply more stone material each year than is required to construct USG Middle Eastern products. Additionally, it has been discovered that our stone wool insulation for ceilings has a long and sustainable lifespan and continues to function at a high level for decades. 


For open-plan offices, schools, retail stores, and waiting rooms in medical facilities, as well as multifunctional rooms, hallways, conference rooms, foyers, lobbies, and reception areas, Louna Elite Acoustical Ceiling panels are a popular option. 


USG ME Louna Elite Acoustical Ceiling Tiles can be laid at any temperature between 0°C and 40°C and are dimensionally stable even at relative humidity levels of up to 100%. They can be set up quite early on in the construction process. 


The stone wool core of USG ME Ceilings products is non-combustible with a very high melting point and provides fire protection. 

As low as SAR 1.00
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  • Fire Resistance Class A

  • Sag Resistance



Louna Elite Acoustical Ceiling features  

  • Stone Wool substrate with stylish monolithic white surface and high performance mineral fleece membrane on the backside. 
  • Exceptional sound absorption with NRC values up to 1.0. 
  • Sanded surface finish with high light reflectance (LR-0.88) reduces wear and tear on light fixtures and energy use. 
  • Moisture resistance to withstand severe conditions when used with DONN® brand suspension system. 
  • Eco-friendly mineral wool product made from natural stone. 
  • Washable & scrubbable finish. 
  • No emissions of particles 
  • Can be effectively cleaned with common detergents and disinfected by dry steam cleaning 
  • Class B fire safety and the best sound absorption 


Louna Elite Acoustical Ceiling applications

  • Open-plan offices 
  • Offices with indirect lighting 
  • Restaurants and cafes 
  • Media room 
  • Conference facilities 
  • Reception areas 
  • Libraries 


Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
LECRF629 600x1200mm 27 0.9
LECRF6225 600x1200mm 28 0.95
LECRF669 600x600mm 27 0.9
LECRF6625 600x600mm 28 0.95
LECRF249 610x1220mm 27 0.9
LECRF2425 610x1220mm 28 0.95
LECRF229 610x610mm 27 0.9
LECRF2225 610x610mm 28 0.95
LECR629 600x1200mm 27 0.9
LECR6225 600x1200mm 28 0.95
LECR669 600x600mm 27 0.9
LECR6625 600x600mm 28 0.95
LECR249 610x1220mm 27 0.9
LECR2425 610x1220mm 28 0.95
LECR229 610x610mm 27 0.9
LECR2225 610x610mm 28 0.95
LEC629 600x1200mm 25 0.95
LEC6225 600x1200mm 26 1
LEC669 600x600mm 25 0.95
LEC6625 600x600mm 26 1
LEC249 610x1220mm 25 0.95
LEC2425 610x1220mm 26 1
LEC229 610x610mm 25 0.95
LEC2225 610x610mm 26 1

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