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Celebretto Paraline metal baffles offer easy access to enclosed plenum and improve acoustic performance, available in wide range of sizes, dimensions, patterns and finishes that fit any interior design concept. 


These modern panels are suitable for use inside or outside and available in a variety of linear pans that enable flexible designs. The linear Paraline Baffles Metal Systems attach to a specifically designed suspension system to provide dynamic ceilings with smooth, modern planes or softly rolling waves. With only a small plenum depth requirement, it allows limitless access thanks to its snap-up construction. 


Drive-throughs and other covered outdoor applications, such as soffits, can use paraline ceiling systems. 


The type and quantity of acoustical material utilized as an overlayment, as well as the system pan style (perforated or unperforated; open or closed reveal), will all affect the acoustical performance of Paraline ceiling systems. 


SAR 1.00
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  • Enhanced CAC

  • High LR

  • High NRC

  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A



Paraline Metal Baffles Ceiling features

  • Elegant linear metal ceiling system features 12' long metal pans attached to a specially engineered suspension system. 
  • Closed-reveal Paraline Baffles are appropriate for exterior ceiling applications under protected soffits. 
  • Snap-up design offers unlimited access with minimum plenum depth requirements. 
  • Paraline Baffles wind load tested and approved for exterior applications with proper bracing and framing. 
  • Available with perforated pans for Paraline Baffles for NRC ratings as high as 0.95. 
  • Paraline baffles are metal baffles with easy access to enclosed plenum.  
  • Available in a wide range of system sizes with different baffles dimensions and finishes, as per a project’s requirements.  
  • Unique modern look that fits any interior design concept.  
  • Available with an optional closing strip. 
  • Available in plain and perforated pattern for acoustic performance. 
  • Special design - metal baffle integrated with linear strip ceiling to improve the space aesthetic and acoustic performance. 
  • Can be installed directly onto the existing ceiling or with hanging suspension system. 
  • Its snap-up design offers unlimited access with a minimal plenum depth requirement. 



Paraline Metal Baffles applications

  • Entertainment  
  • Lobbies  
  • Restaurants  
  • Offices 
  • Transportation 
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