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Quadra Cell

The light, airy quality of the Quadra Cell Ceiling is what makes it unique. Perforations can further improve this property. This single-blade open-cell structure's basic design is perfect for use as a cover for overhead lights or with open-cell luminaires. With its diminutive cells and diminutive height, it can also convey conviction. 


This versatile, tidy, and fascinating open-celled ceiling structure is a staple of contemporary architecture. The basic perforations and grid profiles offered by the Quadra Cell Decorative Ceiling System can be combined to produce a variety of open-cell ceiling patterns. 


These premium open-cell metal ceiling panels have a sleek, high-tech appearance that is well suited for light signs and lighting. Quadra Cell Ceiling Panels have a sleek, contemporary appearance and are incredibly durable. These panels, which are offered in a wide variety of combinations, offer distinctive creative potential for a variety of projects, including those on a budget. 


The aluminum Quadra Cell ceilings from USG Middle East can define new design elements. These open-cell ceilings, which come in linear, single-blade, wide-blade, and multi-directional cell configurations, can be used to create transparent, open, and unique ceiling designs. Even when paired with other metal ceilings and lighting systems, the design possibilities are essentially endless. 


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  • High NRC

  • Surface Burning Characteristics-Class A



Quadra Cell Ceiling features

  • Available in two main designs: T15 Lay-in ceiling and T10 Trackless ceiling systems. 
  • Economical grade ceiling solution that meets all commercial design concepts. 
  • Easy integration with MEP services. 
  • Quick installation. 
  • Accessible ceiling panel for the T15 Lay-in. 
  • Wide variety of modules and sizes. 
  • Elements are produced to the dimensional specifications of customers 
  • Aesthetic integration of spot-shaped luminaires is possible 
  • Any room can have a visually appealing roof thanks to Quadra Cell ceilings.  
  • A plenum system is used in most commercial offices and other big facilities to enable air ducts, cabling, and other things to go along the ceiling. 
  • All of this is hidden by the Quadra Cell ceiling, but due to the way it may be created, it can also use shadows and light to create much more than simply a ceiling. 
  • Buildings with shallow plenum depths benefit particularly from Quadra Cell ceilings, which are also highly popular in these areas. 



Quadra Cell applications  

  • Airports 
  • Entertainment 
  • Lobbies 
  • Restaurants 
  • Retail 
  • Shopping malls 
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