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Sheetrock Brand Paper Joint Tape

Best with Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound and Premium Premix Joint Compound. USG ME Sheetrock® Brand Paper Joint Tape is an unique fiber tape created for use with USG joint compounds to reinforce joints and corners in gypsum drywall interiors for strength and fracture resistance. In veneer finish systems that are prone to rapid drying conditions and where frame exceeds 400mm spacing, joint treatment is also advised. USG Sheetrock® Brand Paper Joint Tape is gently sanded for enhanced bond and resists stretching and cracking. Paper joint tape under the USG Sheetrock® Brand is made from a unique cross-fibered tape that has a high tensile strength both with and against the paper grain.


The superior bond produced by its high porosity negates the need for holes. Additionally, it offers outstanding wet strength, doesn't stretch or wrinkle easily, lays flat, and doesn't tear easily under tools. Positive center creasing and uniform winding make it simple to apply, promoting accurate and trouble-free application to both flat and angled joints. Exceptional tensile strength to withstand tearing, stretching, and distortion


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  • Corner Reinforcement

  • Crack Resistant

  • Joints Reinforcement



Sheetrock Brand Paper Joint Tape features

  • Wafer-thin paper for easier joint treatment
  • Roughened surface for superior bond
  • Accurately center-creased to improve corner treatment


Sheetrock Brand Paper Joint Tape application 

Position and apply USG Sheetrock® Brand gypsum panels in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Prepare joint compound following directions on container. Cover joint with a thin layer of compound and embed paper joint tape, leaving about 0.7mm of compound under feathered edge. While embedding the tape, remove excess compound from edge and apply a thin coat over the tape. Let dry and sand lightly as required. Apply second coat, feathering approximately 50mm beyond first coat.


Let dry, sand lightly as required and then apply third coat, feathering 50mm beyond second coat. Sand lightly as required when dry. Finish fastener heads, corner bead and inside corners as required with at least three coats of joint compound, feathered out onto panel faces and sanded as required to a smooth surface. For painting and decorating, follow manufacturer’s directions for materials used. All surfaces, including applied joint compound, must be thoroughly dry, dust-free and not glossy before decorating.


A prime coat of USG Sheetrock® Brand First Coat™ Primer or a good quality interior latex flat wall paint with high solids content should be applied undiluted and allowed to dry before painting, texturing or wallpapering. To improve fastener concealment where gypsum panel walls and ceilings will be subjected to severe artificial or natural side lighting and be decorated with a gloss paint (eggshell, semigloss or gloss), the gypsum panel surface should be skim coated with USG Sheetrock® Brand conventional weight all purpose joint compound to equalize suction before priming and painting, or spray wall with USG Sheetrock® Brand Tuff -Hide™ Primer-Surfacer

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