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Sheetrock® Brand Tuff Hide™ Primer Surfacer

USG Sheetrock® Brand Tuff Hide™ Primer-Surfacer is a dual-purpose latex-based coating designed especially for interior application over new drywall. For level 5 drywall finish, a single spray application provides the same highest quality drywall finish as the traditional two-step process of skim coating surfaces with joint compound, followed by a coat of primer. Tuff Hide primer surfacer dries white; when a flat white finish is preferred for noncontact surfaces such as ceiling applications Tuff Hide can be left unpainted to produce a smooth finished surface.

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  • Can Add Pigments As Final Finish Paint

  • Surface Preparation


  • Achieves a Level 5 finish faster
  • High build spray for a smoother, more beautiful finish
  • Durable coating hides minor surface defects
  • Excellent for critical light areas
  • Ideal finish for ceilings
  • Dries white; can be tinted to match final top coat
  • For professional use only
  • Product data:
    • Testing: Tested for abrasion resistance, passing 1,000 cycles, in accordance with ASTM D4977 (modified). For additional information on abrasion resistance testing methods and comparative results, refer to Abuse-Resistant Systems (SA929). Tested in accordance with ASTM D3450 (washability) and ASTM D2486 (scrubbability).
    • Material: Vinyl acrylic latex-based.
    • Types: Spray application only.
    • Temperature Sensitivity: Store in a dry location. Protect from freezing, exposure to extreme heat and direct sunlight.
    • VOC Content: 22 g/L.
    • Coverage: Approximately 2.5-3m2 / 1 L when applied at 15-20 mils WFT (9-12 mils DFT).
    • Drying Time: Approximately 60-90 minutes when applied at 15-20 mils WFT (9-12 mils DFT) under normal drying conditions (15C°/50% RH).
    • Shelf life: 18 months
    • Storage: Store at room temperature in a dry location. Up to 18 months shelf life under good storage conditions.
    • Packaging: 28KG (5 gal) Pail

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