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P.O.BOX: Turkey Turkey - Simirna Endüstriyel Kimya San. ve Dış Tic. A.Ş. A.O.S.B, 10040. Sk. No:9, 35620 Atatürk Osb/Çiğli/İzmir

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Sheetrock Fiberglass Drywall Tape

Unique cross-fiber construction provides greater drywall joint strength and crack resistance Sheetrock® Brand Fiberglass Drywall Tape is made with a unique cross-fiberglass construction to provide greater drywall joint strength than conventional fiberglass mesh tapes. Sheetrock® Fiberglass Drywall Tape resists shrinking, tearing, stretching and distortion. It also resists joint cracking that can occur when conventional fiberglass mesh tape is used. In reinforcing joints and corners in drywall interiors, setting-type joint compounds (not ready-mixed or powder drying-type joint compounds) are recommended for the first coat over Sheetrock® Fiberglass Drywall Tape. For the second coat, setting-type or drying-type (ready-mixed or powder) joint compounds may be used. Sheetrock® Fiberglass Drywall Tape is recommended for use with either settingtype or drying-type joint compounds to repair small cracks and holes in drywall & plaster surfaces.

In stock
  • Corner Reinforcement

  • Crack Resistant

  • Joints Reinforcement

  • Wet Area


  • Self-adhesive tape goes on quickly—eliminates bedding coat and provides smooth finished joints with just two coats.
  • Use Sheetrock® Brand DURABOND® Setting-Type Joint Compound or Sheetrock®
  • Brand EASY SAND™ Lightweight Setting- Type Joint Compound for first coat over tape.
  • Provides 2-coat, 1-day joint finishing.
  • Product data:
    • Width: 47mm and 63.5mm.
    • Coverage: Approximately 121.4m/100 m2 gypsum panels.
    • Packaging: The 22.8LM roll (47mm width only) is ideal for the occasional small drywall job, patching work, etc. The 76LM roll is a popular size for hand-application joint treatment. Master cartons contain 24 ea. 22.8LM rolls per carton, 20 ea. 76LM rolls.
    • Storage: Shelf life up to nine months under good storage conditions. Store at a minimum temperature of 7°C.

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