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Soundblock - R6 Gypsum Ceiling is an acoustical gypsum ceiling tiles with rounded perforation provided from USG ME with its remarkable design and high level of functionality, the ceiling offers a quick and easy installation. As the ceiling tiles are tested and authorized as ventilation ceiling with disguised air intake, Soundblock - R6 Gypsum Ceiling also assures fresh air. 

Gypsum Soundblock R6 Acoustical ceiling tiles have undergone testing and have received approval. As a result, the entire ceiling surface serves as a single, substantial ventilation vent. Fresh air may easily enter the room thanks to perforations in the ceiling tiles and the space between them. There are no crossing ducts at the back of the ceiling since air inlets in the ceiling are not necessary. 


The major attributes of Soundblock - R6 Gypsum Ceiling are its durability, acoustic performance up-to 0.7NRC , ease of installation and trimming, excellent light reflection, and ability to withstand humid conditions. 


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  • Sag Resistance



Soundblock - R6  Gypsum Ceiling features

  • Open Area: 600 x 600mm: 9.2%, 600 x 1200mm: 9.8% 
  • Round perforation Gypsum Ceiling tiles with acoustic back fleece for high acoustic performance. 
  • Laminated and Soundblock - R6 surface finish options are available. 
  • Available in both metric and imperial sizes. 
  • Various edges for modern and aesthetic look. 
  • Ultra-high humidity resistant; sag resistance ensures durability in standard or extreme environmental conditions. 
  • Scrub resistant. 
  • Dirt marks are easy to remove. 
  • Durable, scuff, and scratch resistant for longer life. 
  • Suitable for areas with high humidity. 
  • Economical and easy to trim and install. 
  • Demountable and designed to be installed on the DONN® Brand acoustical ceiling suspensions. 

Soundblock - R6 Gypsum Ceiling applications

  • Schools 
  • Commercial retails 
  • Department stores 
  • Hotels 
  • Malls and residential 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
GT-PSRF622-R6 600x1200mm 0.7
LG-SPRF622-R6 600x1200mm 0.7
GT-PSRF662-R6 600x600mm 0.7
LG-SPRF662-R6 600x600mm 0.7
GT-PSR622-R6 600x1200mm 0.7
LG-SPR622-R6 600x1200mm 0.7
GT-PSR662-R6 600x600mm 0.7
LG-SPR662-R6 600x600mm 0.7
GT-PS622-R6 600x1200mm 0.7
LG-SP622-R6 600x1200mm 0.7
GT-PS662-R6 600x600mm 0.7
LG-SP662-R6 600x600mm 0.7
GT-PS6609-R6 600x600mm 0.7
LG-SP6609-R6 600x600mm 0.7
GT-PS242-R6 610x1220mm 0.7
LG-SP242-R6 610x1220mm 0.7
GT-PS222-R6 610x610mm 0.7
LG-SP222-R6 610x610mm 0.7
GT-PS2209-R6 610x610mm 0.7
LG-SP2209-R6 610x610mm 0.7

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