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Wafer head screws are drill point fasteners for fixing drywall profiles one to the other providing a large holding surface or for accessory mountings on steel structures up to 2.5 mm thickness.

The Wafer Head Screw has an extra-wide load-bearing flat surface and a low profile dome head. Because of its unique structure, thin materials may be held securely.

This wafer-head screw has the same self-drilling and self-tapping options as many other types of screws. The most popular sort of surface treatment for it is a zinc coating.

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Wafer Head Screw features

  • Large wafer head
  • Philips head recess
  • Special drill point Anti corrosion treatment by zinc coating
  • Available in 10h, 48h and 100h salt spray test


Wafer Head Screw application 

  • Drywall ceiling applications.
  • Wafer head screw is also a type of sheet metal screw, for it’s often used to fasten sheet metal with other materials. The biggest advantage of this screw is that this provides a bigger bearing surface and can be countersink into soft materials.

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