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Z Channel is utilized to provide a uniform plane for gypsum panel attachment while furring out interior masonry or poured concrete wall substrates and supporting rigid polystyrene, mineral, or fiberglass batt insulation. Z Channel needs to be set up perpendicular to the substrate. Depending on the application, different fasteners and spacing will be used. Wallboard made of gypsum can be put up parallel to or perpendicular to the Z Channel.

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Z Channel features

  • Fully compatible with all standard wallboards
  • Knurled flanges for easier attachment of exposed materials
  • Dimensionally stable with High load bearing capacity
  • Length is optional and can be customized as per customer needs
  • Large range of size and thickness available
  • Available with High Recycled Content (HRC)

Z Channel application

Enables the attachment of gypsum wallboard, veneer, or plaster to the interior of masonry walls and readily accepts rigid insulation.

Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
ZC2525-060 25x50x25mm
ZC2525-070 25x50x25mm
ZC2525-080 25x50x25mm
ZC2525-090 25x50x25mm
ZC30120-060 30x120x30mm
ZC30120-070 30x120x30mm
ZC30120-080 30x120x30mm
ZC30120-090 30x120x30mm
ZC3030-060 30x50x30mm
ZC3030-070 30x50x30mm
ZC3030-080 30x50x30mm
ZC3030-090 30x50x30mm

Shaftwall Installation

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