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Z Channel

Easily accommodates rigid insulation and provides for the attachment of gypsum wallboard, veneer or plaster to the interior of masonry walls.

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  • Meet or exceed all international code requirements
  • Fully compatible with all standard wall boards
  • Knurled flanges for easier attachment of exposed materials
  • Dimensionally stable with High load bearing capacity
  • Won’t warp, twist or bow
  • Length is optional and can be customized as per customer needs
  • Large range of size and thickness available
  • Available with High Recycled Content (HRC)
  • Physical Properties
    • Galvanized steel G90
    • Surface: Zinc galvanized
    • HDG Steel in 0.90/1.2/1.5 mm Base Material Thickness
    • Yield stress, Fy 41 ksi Ultimate, with G90 Zinc coating
    • Sizes: 32 x 100 x 32 mm, Length: Standard is 3.0m
  • ASTM & Code Standards:
    • USG Boral Z-Channels are produced to meet or exceed ASTM C645 and C955
    • Galvanized sheet steel meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A-653
    • For installation & storage information refer to ASTM C1007 & C754
  • Green Benefits and Recycled Content:
    • LEED Credit MR 2 – USG Boral products are manufactured from cold-formed steel. Steel is 100% recyclable, which helps divert debris from the waste stream
    • LEED Credit MR 4 – USG Boral steel products have a minimum of 25.5% post-consumer recycled content, and 6.8% pre-consumer.
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
ZC2525-060 25x50x25mm
ZC2525-070 25x50x25mm
ZC2525-080 25x50x25mm
ZC2525-090 25x50x25mm
ZC30120-060 30x120x30mm
ZC30120-070 30x120x30mm
ZC30120-080 30x120x30mm
ZC30120-090 30x120x30mm
ZC3030-060 30x50x30mm
ZC3030-070 30x50x30mm
ZC3030-080 30x50x30mm
ZC3030-090 30x50x30mm

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