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Resilient Channel Single Lip

Resilient channels are basically long steel thin bars that have one lip. They’re an effective method for reducing sound transmission between walls and ceilings and increasing ther STC rarting. Sound waves are dampened as they pass through walls and ceilings because they add extra space between the wall and the insulation.


They are quite easy to install. Through the channel and into the joists or studs, where the channel's lip is facing the studs. The channel's flat side is next drilled into the drywall. Resilient channels are very affordable and if you choose wisely, their performance will be more than effective for the price.


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Resilient Channel Single Lip feature

  • Large wafer head
  • Philips head recess
  • Special drill point
  • Anti corrosion treatment by zinc coating
  • Available in 10h, 48h and 100h salt spray test


Resilient Channel Single Lip application

Used in Drywall framing applications to improve the STC rate in Wall Partition

Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
RC1232-060 12x32mm
RC1232-090 12x32mm

Shaftwall Installation

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