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Perforated Gypsum Ceiling - Q9 Soundblock

Up-to 0.7 NRC Acoustical Performance the Soundblock - Q9 Gypsum Ceiling Tiles keep their outstanding quality throughout their entire service life since they are made of durable perforated gypsum. Re-painting the acoustic tiles won't affect their ability to absorb sound. Gypsum ceiling acoustical tiles from Soundblock - Q9 are completely recyclable. 

These acoustical gypsum tiles feature a number of square perforation patterns in its design. This provides good acoustic performance as well as a serene, modern ceiling appearance. 

Gypsum ceiling tiles with 9mm square perforations and acoustic back fleece are available in painted and laminated surface finishes with a variety of edge options for a contemporary and fashionable appearance. The tiles' resistance to ultra-high humidity and sag assure their endurance in all conditions. 

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  • Sag Resistance



Soundblock - Q9 Gypsum Ceiling features  

  • Open Area: 600 x 600mm: 18%, 600 x 1200mm: 18.5% 
  • 9mm Square perforation gypsum ceiling tiles with acoustic back fleece for high acoustic performance. 
  • Available in laminated and painted surface finish options. 
  • Various edges for modern and aesthetic look. 
  • Ultra-high humidity resistant; sag resistance ensures durability in standard or extreme environmental condition. 
  • Scrub resistant. Dirt marks are easy to remove. 
  • Durable, scuff, and scratch resistant for longer life. 
  • Suitable for areas with high humidity. 
  • Economical and easy to trim and install. 
  • Demountable and designed to be installed on the DONN® Brand acoustical ceiling suspensions. 


Soundblock - Q9 Gypsum Ceiling applications

  • Schools 
  • Commercial retails 
  • Department stores 
  • Hotels 
  • Malls and residential 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
GT-PSRF622-Q9 600x1200mm 0.75
LG-SPRF622-Q9 600x1200mm 0.75
GT-PSRF662-Q9 600x600mm 0.75
LG-SPRF662-Q9 600x600mm 0.75
GT-PSR622-Q9 600x1200mm 0.75
LG-SPR622-Q9 600x1200mm 0.75
GT-PSR662-Q9 600x600mm 0.75
LG-SPR662-Q9 600x600mm 0.75
GT-PS622-Q9 600x1200mm 0.75
LG-SP622-Q9 600x1200mm 0.75
LG-SP662-Q9 600x1200mm 0.75
GT-PS662-Q9 600x600mm 0.75
GT-PS6609-Q9 600x600mm 0.75
LG-SP6609-Q9 600x600mm 0.75

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